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The Camas Prairie Railroad Part 3 – Reubens to Highway 95

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My top 10 list of cold weather gear

As I write this,  it’s been below freezing temperatures almost constantly for 5 weeks.  This...(Read More)

The Laws Railroad Museum and Historic Site

Hidden in the small community of Laws just a short distance from Bishop California is one of the...(Read More)

Whitebird Grade – Whitebird Idaho

The Whitebird Grade has amazing views of the canyon nearly 3000 feet below, but it also has a lot...(Read More)

Rokinon 14mm Lens Review

Over the years I’ve mostly used zoom lenses instead of primes.  The biggest reason was...(Read More)

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared – Keep Your Camera With You

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Hashagen Homestead – Digging Up History On This Idaho Gem

Every rustic and weathered old farmhouse or homestead has a story. The little shack outside of...(Read More)

Sunset Auto Vue – Grangeville, Idaho

I remember the excitement of piling into the car as a kid to go to the drive-in theater.  It...(Read More)


Atomic Idaho – East Idaho Desert

Atomic research plays a big role in the history of eastern Idaho.  I recently learned that the first city in the world powered by atomic energy was Arco Idaho.  Scientists first made usable power from a nuclear reactor...(Read More)