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Don’t Be Caught Unprepared – Keep Your Camera With You

I do a lot of driving and try to always have my camera with me. You never know when the sun is going to break through the clouds and shine God Rays down on a group of horses in a field of wildflowers or when the sunrise will light up in vivid colors. Don’t get stuck trying to capture it on yourcell phone and wishing you had your nice camera. Cell phones take some pretty good pictures for social media and small presentation, but in my opinion they are no substitute for a good camera. I got caught unprepared a couple of weeks ago when I had to run into town to grab some groceries. As I walked by my camera bag that weighs about 50 pounds(I really need to organize it) I sighed and thought “I’m to tired, I’m not going to shoot pictures on this trip.” Wouldn’t you know those were famous last words. On the way home I saw this and stopped to try to zoom in with my cell phone and capture it.

samsung galaxy s5 pic

Yep, that’s the one time I didn’t have my camera with me in the last few months. You can kinda tell that it would be an excellent picture with the brown blobs ( I mean horses) in the field of purple splotches. Ugh, lesson learned. This all being said, I have captured some great shots on the spur of the moment because I did have my trusty  Sony A7r2 with me. Here’s a few shots I got one morning on my way to work.

Sunrise over farmland.
A beautiful sunrise over the rural Idaho County farmland.
john deere tractor at sunrise in Idaho.
This John Deere tractor is just waiting for the farmer.
rural farming sunrise
Farm Machinery Sign At Sunrise

Here’s one that I was able to add to my Mile Marker Series because I had my camera with me. I was trying out a $3 vintage 35mm Japanese lens that I found at The Salvation Army and am not totally impressed with the sharpness, but it’s still a nice shot. This is a 5 picture panorama.

travel, road trip, mile marker
Mile 3 on Highway 13 in Idaho.

If you enjoyed this story and pictures, please share it or comment below. What pictures have you missed out on by not having your camera with you?

Evan Jones

I am a landscape and travel photographer who is drawn to old and rusty stuff as well as beautiful landscapes. I like to explore the backroads of the Northwest United States and anywhere else I can get to. My blog is at

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