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Sunset At Leo Carrillo State Park – Malibu California

A family vacation at last!!  It had been around three years since we were able to get away as a...(Read More)

River Of No Return Jet Boat Races – Riggins Idaho

Recipe for fun:  1 part wild and scenic raging river, 1 handful of insanely powerful jet boats, 1...(Read More)

Don’t Be Caught Unprepared – Keep Your Camera With You

I do a lot of driving and try to always have my camera with me. You never know when the sun is...(Read More)

Rusty Survivor – A 1949 Studebaker Pickup’s Story

This rusty survivor is a 1949 Studebaker pickup.  I found it on craigslist a few years ago for $500...(Read More)

Alabama Hills – Lone Pine California

Alabama Hills A friendly suggestion led me to an awesome discovery. I was on a road trip to meet up...(Read More)

7 Ways We Have Changed In 100 Years and What’s Next

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see how things have changed in the last 100 years...(Read More)

Louie Lake – Idaho

Years ago I bought a backpack and some varied supplies for hiking.  I had wild aspirations to hike...(Read More)

Idaho’s Oldest Rodeo – Border Days

Idaho’s oldest rodeo isn’t in Boise.  It’s not even in Idaho’s first...(Read More)