Rustic Lens

Atomic Idaho – East Idaho Desert

Atomic research plays a big role in the history of eastern Idaho.  I recently learned that the...(Read More)

Louie Lake – Idaho

Years ago I bought a backpack and some varied supplies for hiking.  I had wild aspirations to hike...(Read More)

Mundo Hot Springs – Cambridge Idaho

Mundo Hot Springs was the right place at the right time.  I have seen the sign on the highway for...(Read More)

Golden Inspiration – Florence, Idaho

A question that seems to come up often when people learn of my passion for photography is...(Read More)

Death Valley – Fighters and Flowers

An awesome surprise in the desert When my friend invited me to come photograph Death Valley during...(Read More)

Alabama Hills – Lone Pine California

Alabama Hills A friendly suggestion led me to an awesome discovery. I was on a road trip to meet up...(Read More)

Elk Creek Falls – Elk River Idaho

I was trying to figure out a good adventure for my wife, daughter and I for a Saturday day trip...(Read More)

Gold Point Mill – Elk City Idaho

Gold Point Mill is located on Forest Service Road 222 near Elk City Idaho.  It was entered into the...(Read More)