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Idaho’s Oldest Rodeo – Border Days

Idaho’s oldest rodeo isn’t in Boise.  It’s not even in Idaho’s first...(Read More)

Mundo Hot Springs – Cambridge Idaho

Mundo Hot Springs was the right place at the right time.  I have seen the sign on the highway for...(Read More)

The Hangman’s Building – Virginia City Montana

The Hangman’s Building in the ghost town of Virginia City Montana is now home to a custom hat...(Read More)

DJI Mavic Pro Extreme Testing – Alone And Afraid In The Forest

When I first unpacked my new DJI Mavic Pro, I was excited and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I...(Read More)

The Racetrack Playa – Death Valley National Park

The Racetrack Playa is an amazing and mysterious place. It is 2.8 miles long and 1.3 miles wide and...(Read More)

Out Damn Spot – Lightroom Tutorial

LADY MACPHOTOGRAPHER: Out, damned spot! out, I say!–One: two: why, then, ’tis time to...(Read More)

Mountain Wildflowers – North Central Idaho

Since I made a whole trip and several posts about the Desert Superbloom, I really wanted to show...(Read More)

Gear Review – Spider Single Camera Holster

The Spider Single Camera Holster is one of my favorite pieces of camera gear.  I have owned it and...(Read More)