old west building

The Hangman’s Building – Virginia City Montana

The Hangman’s Building in the ghost town of Virginia City Montana is now home to a custom hat shop, but it wasn’t always.  This building has quite the history.  On January 14th, 1864 the building was only partially complete.  It had the walls and a large ceiling beam but no roof yet.  When the vigilantes captured and tried 5 men, they found a use for the building.  The men were charged with murder and after a short trial

New Florence Idaho Ghost town

Golden Inspiration – Florence, Idaho

A question that seems to come up often when people learn of my passion for photography is “What got you into photography?”.  This is an attempt to  record an answer to that question here on my blog.  I don’t remember the exact date but it was somewhere between 1999 – 2001 I believe when we first

Bearclaw the Mountan man

Cassie Meets A Mountain Man


This story started last summer when a friend of mine told me that her friend Bearclaw was going to be followed by a crew from National Geographic Channel for a few weeks for a series about people who live “off the grid.” Bearclaw is a true