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Gear Review – Spider Single Camera Holster

The Spider Single Camera Holster is one of my favorite pieces of camera gear.  I have owned it and used it on every shoot for a couple of years now.  Besides making me feel like a 

camera-slinger (This is the photography version of an old west gun-slinger), it is the most comfortable and convenient way that I have found to pack my camera around.  When I started in photography I used the neck strap.  I even wrapped it around my wrist a few times so that I could carry the camera in my hand securely.  That was super uncomfortable any way I used it.  Next, I found one of those shoulder straps that go across your body and cut off the circulation to your shoulder while bouncing the camera around with each step.  While that was slightly better than the neck pain (I mean strap),  I just wasn’t happy with it.

And Then……

I was looking around at the trade show at the Photoshop World Convention and saw the Spider Holster at their booth.  I watched as the sales rep demonstrated the system to another man.  After the other guy left, I moved in.  The sales rep put the plate on my camera for me and adjusted the belt so I could try it out.  I instantly knew that it was for me.  My camera doesn’t bounce when I walk.  I don’t have neck or shoulder pain and my camera is so easy to grab when I need it.

I also bought the hand strap, which is a smarter way of carrying the camera in your hand like I used to with the neck strap wrapped around my wrist.  At that time they didn’t have a hand strap for the Sony cameras and the little part that mounts under your tripod mount went right over my battery door.  Anyone who shoots Sony Mirrorless probably knows that I am switching batteries pretty often.  I had to bend the strap back and out of the way each time.  Being a flat piece of plastic, I eventually broke the strap by doing that.  Luckily Spider had just come out with a strap for the Sony that works better.

I had my wife record a video of me telling about the holster here:

We were doing a themed “Little House On The Prairie” shoot with my daughter Cassie.  My other daughter Allie made the dress for us.  Here’s one of the shots from that.

girl at sunset on the farm

I did the painting effect with the Jixipix Impresso Photoshop plugin.  You can see more from this shoot at its full gallery.

I wasn’t paid for this review but I would love to be.

This wasn’t a commercial for the Spider Holster.  I just wanted to share how much I love mine.  However,  I am an Amazon affiliate, so if you click the links below and buy one (or anything at all) I make a commission.  That would be awesome!

Spider Holster Single Camera System

Spider Hand Strap


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I am a landscape and travel photographer who is drawn to old and rusty stuff as well as beautiful landscapes. I like to explore the backroads of the Northwest United States and anywhere else I can get to. My blog is at

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