The Camas Prairie Railroad Part 3 – Reubens to Highway 95

The Camas Prairie Railroad Part 3 – Reubens to Highway 95

Exploring the Camas Prairie Railroad has been something I really wanted to do for the last few years.  In this part of my series exploring the now abandoned 2nd subdivision of the Camas Prairie Railroad.  This is the most exciting section, in my opinion, and it inspired this desire so I traversed it first.  This 23-mile section of the railroad clings to the side of Lapwai Canyon and climbs from 1589 ft elevation at Culdesac to 3665 ft elevation at Craigmont.  The builders conquered this rugged terrain using 17 bridges and

lake and mountain reflection

Louie Lake – Idaho

Years ago I bought a backpack and some varied supplies for hiking.  I had wild aspirations to hike all over this beautiful wilderness that covers much of central Idaho, but the hectic schedule of running two businesses and the short warm season here just seemed to make it hard to schedule.  So the nice new pack and all the supplies ended up in the closet and then in the storeroom.  Until my friend 


Local Explorations – North Central Idaho

When is the last time you found someplace new where you live?  I often take unknown roads and just try to go in the correct general direction when going somewhere,  just to see what is along the way.  I am an explorer and nothing is more fun and exciting to me than