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Idaho’s Highway 93 – The Road Less Traveled

I finally made it to the south-eastern part of Idaho last month.  I went on an adventure with my daughter to be a part of a tour of White-Knob ghost town by the mayor of Mackay.  The blog about that will be finished soon with some great pictures and video.

There’s so much to see!

We went all the way to Idaho Falls the first day and came back to Arco (The first city  powered by atomic power) then we checked out Craters of the Moon Monument before going to Mackay.  After the tour the next day we had to start for home, but being the adventurous types, we decided to go north to Missoula Montana instead of back to Boise and north from there.  I have always wanted to see that section of highway also!

Highway 93 runs north out of Mackay and through some of the most beautiful farming and mountain country that I have ever seen.

farmland and mountain
We let the clouds irrigate in my area, but it is a little more needed down there.

This looks like a pretty good day at the office to me.  How about you?

tractor plowing
I wonder if I would be staring at the mountains and just drive off plowing everywhere.

Last year, I went all the way to Death Valley to see the super-bloom.  Hmm…. It seems that I could have just come here in my state!

cactus blooming
Cactus in bloom! This always intrigues me.

How about some “Rurex” shots?

What’s rurex you ask?  It’s like Urbex (abandoned exploration), except better because it’s rural.  Everything rural is better than urban in my opinion.

abandoned cabin
Find something that beautiful in Detroit lately? I didn’t think so.

This next picture is a little “tacky”.

horse tack
Did you get it?

I just loved this old cabin.  I didn’t trespass since there was a sign saying not to, but I snuck these shots over the fence.  The “highway” was pretty desolate with another traveler passing about every 5 minutes or so.  I could see myself sitting on this front porch watching the river across the street flow.

It needs a rocking chair. Would you live here?


I also found this handy shot outside of another abandoned looking building that might have been a gas station.

Pile of gloves
Something just “grabbed” my attention here.

There’s a lot more to explore up highway 93 that I didn’t get to.

I will take another trip there someday to see it more.  We were passing through fairly fast, except for mandatory photo stops and bathroom breaks.

Do you want to make your pictures awesome like mine?  Well, I hope you think they are awesome.

Last week, a fellow photographer asked me what software I use the most for processing my pictures.  My answer besides Lightroom, is On1 Photo Raw.  Click the link and check it out.  I couldn’t do without it at this point.

Here is a map of the route we took.



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