historic sign of Slickpoo

Slickpoo Idaho – St. Joseph Mission

I wouldn’t call it a town, or even a village at this point. Slickpoo Idaho is more of a group of a few houses along Mission Creek just out of Culdesac Idaho.  With that being said, it was at one time a much larger village.  In 1874  the chief of the Nez Perce Indians who were

River Of No Return Jet Boat Races – Riggins Idaho

River Of No Return Jet Boat Races – Riggins Idaho

Recipe for fun:  1 part wild and scenic raging river, 1 handful of insanely powerful jet boats, 1 bunch of power hungry gear heads, mix it all together every April and enjoy.  

It had been a couple of years since I had gone to the Salmon River Jet Boat Races and I had a craving for some loud and fast action, so my daughter Cassie and I ventured down to the tiny Idaho town of Riggins and found us a spot on some rocks on the banks of the “River Of No Return.” Finding a spot was a bit difficult since

How To Catch A Fairy


This is a fairy trap constructed by my daughter. Notice the way the box is tilted and balanced on the toy so that “when the fairy flutters her wings, it will fall and trap her.”  It’s also important to have a comfy

Bearclaw the Mountan man

Cassie Meets A Mountain Man


This story started last summer when a friend of mine told me that her friend Bearclaw was going to be followed by a crew from National Geographic Channel for a few weeks for a series about people who live “off the grid.” Bearclaw is a true