Panorama of view from Graves Point Lookout of Hells Canyon

Highway To Hell – Kirkwood Ranch in Hell’s Canyon

Kirkwood Ranch is difficult to get to, but very worth the trip.

Years ago, when I worked for Frito-Lay, I went on a company excursion on a jet boat up Hell’s Canyon from Lewiston Idaho. Along the way, we fished for sturgeon (giant prehistoric fish), saw the sites in North Americas’ deepest river gorge (7993 feet deep), and stopped at Kirkwood Historic Ranch to see the museum that is maintained there. Hell’s Canyon is really close to where I live and it is a huge obstacle in the way of any travel to Oregon from here. Chief Joseph and his Nezperce used to cross the Snake River on the way to the Wallowa mountains in Oregon. The only way to drive there now is to go around Hell’s Canyon. You can drive either

The Camas Prairie Railroad Part 3 – Reubens to Highway 95

The Camas Prairie Railroad Part 3 – Reubens to Highway 95

Exploring the Camas Prairie Railroad has been something I really wanted to do for the last few years.  In this part of my series exploring the now abandoned 2nd subdivision of the Camas Prairie Railroad.  This is the most exciting section, in my opinion, and it inspired this desire so I traversed it first.  This 23-mile section of the railroad clings to the side of Lapwai Canyon and climbs from 1589 ft elevation at Culdesac to 3665 ft elevation at Craigmont.  The builders conquered this rugged terrain using 17 bridges and