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Sunset At Leo Carrillo State Park – Malibu California

A family vacation at last!!  It had been around three years since we were able to get away as a family.  Something always seemed to come up so that one or two of us would have to stay home and take care of the business.  I saw the opportunity for us all to get away for 5 whole days and took it!  My family wanted to go to the beach so we went tothe Los Angeles area to hit some beaches and other area attractions.  We saw Universal Studios and went on a tour of Warner Brothers Studios.  Both of those were a lot of fun, but the beach was awesome!  It was still warm in November with temperatures in the 80’s.  That’s a real treat for us.  I took these next two shots with my Sony A7rii mirrorless camera and my vintage Carl Zeiss Contaflex 35mm lens.

Vintage looking picture of waves rolling in to the beach.

Seagulls at the beach in the sun.
I always think of the birds on Finding Nemo when I’m at the beach.

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The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks is so soothing to me.  I could sit for hours and bask in the warmth while listening to the ocean and the birds.

the sun lights crashing waves from behind.
The crashing waves were lit from behind by the setting sun.


Dramatic crashing waves
So Dramatic!

I met a friend, Lisa Speakman,  from The Arcanum so we could shoot the sunset on the beach together.  Though she doesn’t live real far from Leo Carrillo State Beach, it was her first time there also.  It was cool to meet her in person after so many months of working with her online.  Her site is

One of my goals for the trip was to get a long exposure shot of the waves.  I love the look that it gives them.  I used the Ice 10 stop ND filter  to allow me to expose for 30 seconds for this next shot.

foggy rocks at the beach at sunset
The long exposure gives the moving waves a foggy mystical look.

A shorter exposure can give you a nice looking image with streaks showing movement in the water also, but I really wanted to play with the mystical feeling that the long exposure gives.

Sunset warms the side of a large ocean rock at the beach.

I created the painted effect version of this last picture in Jixipix Artista Impresso.  We stayed at an apartment for less than the price of a hotel by using Airbnb ! If you use my link to Airbnb you get $35 off your stay!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Do you like the painting effect?  Please post your answer below along with any other comments.  If you like my pictures, please comment or click the button to share on your social networks!



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I am a landscape and travel photographer who is drawn to old and rusty stuff as well as beautiful landscapes. I like to explore the backroads of the Northwest United States and anywhere else I can get to. My blog is at

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