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Lochsa Historic Ranger Station – Living History Day

Along highway 12 near Lowell Idaho you can find a beautiful and historic interpretive center to take a break from the winding river road.  The historic Lochsa Ranger Station has been there since 1925 and it was designated as aninterpretive site in 1976.  There’s restroom facilities and museum displays along with several historic cabins and a visitor center.  It’s a really nice place to stop and walk around a bit.  I visited this year during the Living History Day event.  Over 200 people showed up to enjoy the displays, history and festivities.  There were kids activities, mule working displays, music and snacks.

pack mules
Pack mules all loaded and ready to go.

I rode my steel horse to the event and made a 360 degree video of part of the ride.  I really like the 360 degree videos.  You can click and move the videos around and see everything if your on a computer.  If your on a smart phone you can just hold it out and turn yourself around or use some VR glasses like the Samsung Gear to really get immersed.  The next step up is  the HTC Vive – Virtual Reality Headset and an awesome computer.  I take these videos with a Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera  that records everything at once using two spherical lenses.  I also recorded a view of the Lochsa River and a compilation of clips from the Living History Day event.

In this next shot Shane Hendren demonstrated putting shoes on a mule.

horse shoeing

A couple of fiddlers entertained the crowd.

Some attendees got put to work and got to learn first hand how to use some of the tools of the trade.

sawing logs

I really enjoyed watching Dale Cooper harness up his mules and demonstrating pulling logs around.  Those mules were awesome! You can see that in this 360 degree video.

To see my Full Gallery Click Here.

You can find more info about the Lochsa Ranger Station here.


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