For years I have wanted to visit Silver City Idaho.  I had seen pictures and read descriptions of this well preserved mining town and it peaked my interest, but it never seemed to work out.  The final straw was when I saw an episode of Ghost Town Gold where the hostsvisited Silver City and stayed in the hotel.  I watched that in the fall of last year and it re-kindled my desire to go there.  The road into Silver City is like many roads into ghost towns,  a small dirt road with boulders and potholes hanging on the side of a cliff.  They close the road in the winter time so when I actually had the opportunity to do it in late October, I knew I better do it then or it would be another year of not getting to it.  The views off of this bumpy road are rewarding though.  It takes 2 1/2 hours to drive the 68 miles from Boise south to Silver City.

dirt road in the mountains

The road to Silver City seen before descending to it.

The “city” skyline is actually quite impressive for a ghost town.  That’s probably because most of the buildings are still in use by people for vacation homes and there are some permanent residents.  You can still stay in the Idaho Hotel, buy antiques at Pats What Not Shop, and go on horseback rides with Sinker Creek Outfitters .

ghost town buildings

Silver City Skyline

The time I was there was too late in the year though so nothing was open.  There are no trespassing signs on most of the buildings which was disappointing but understandable.  Many times people destroy the historic buildings of ghost towns when visiting them.  You should never take anything or break anything.  Leave it so others can enjoy it also.

creepy old school

I went with a creepy look for this shot

Silver city idaho

Another view of Silver City

funny sign ghost town

Looks like I was out of luck for a tour

There’s a campground at the end of town also.  I still need to go during the summer someday and I suspect I will.  I would really like to stay at the Hotel.

forest stream in fall

Stream running through the campground

For more information and the history on this cool town click here.

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